Vimeo Video Parameters and Support Related Resources

Vimeo is a video sharing platform that includes features such as live-streaming and customization. The platform is ad-free, and instead gains revenue by providing subscription plans for businesses and content creators and offering software as a service (SaaS). Adding Vimeo as an option to our customers gives them the flexibility to choose between what video sharing platform they may be interested in.


There is no activation needed since this app is free to all our customers. If you have Vimeo account, you should be able to link the Vimeo Video in the input section. 


Where Do I Get My ID?

Currently the default view is this: 


To obtain your video ID, it should be the number that is connected to the url of the video you want to share. For example, for the video above, the original url for the video is: 


Grab the numbers at the end of the url after the "/", and paste it into the input section labeled as "ID", then your video should play.




Unique ID of Vimeo Video.


Automatically start playback of the video (applies to all videos).


Set video to mute on load. Viewers can still adjust the volume preferences in the player (applies to all videos)”.


Play the video again when it reaches the end, infinitely.

“Display Player Controls”

This parameter will hide all elements in the player (play bar, sharing buttons, etc) for a chromeless experience. When using this parameter, the play/pause button will be hidden. To start playback for your viewers, you'll need to either enable autoplay, use keyboard controls, or implement our player SDK to start and control playback. (Video must be hosted by a Plus account or higher).


Displays a given cc/subtitle track by default in the player (pending the cc/subtitle track is available). The languages available are English, Spanish, and French. Please note that subtitles apply to all videos, but only if video owner allows.


Currently there are limitations with duration, where the user has to set an approximate duration of the video or the video will not play the entire video, cutting it short, or extending it longer. It something that we need to prompt the user, or think of future efforts in making the developer portal more dynamic to adjust to video duration.


Contact information for Raydiant Support ( or please look at support related docs from Vimeo.

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