How do I display my TRAY menus on my Raydiant screens?

Raydiant has secured an exclusive digital signage partnership with TRAY! This partnership allows TRAY's restaurant customers to update and display their digital menus in real-time to Raydiant screens. Key features of this partnership include displaying updates to product information in real-time, and support for more than one location and menu. 

Please contact the Sales team at TRAY ( to set up a TRAY account if you don't already have one. If you need technical help from TRAY, contact their support team at


If you don't see TRAY in your Library, please contact our Sales team.

Activating the Integration

Send an email to TRAY Sales ( to request access for Raydiant. In the email, include the information in the template below and fill in the placeholders identified by the angle brackets (<< >>) with your information. 

Subject of the email: Raydiant Opportunity
Body of the email:


Please see the information below to begin my TRAY onboarding with Raydiant:

Full Name:

Email (Business email):

Business name:

Store number (if applicable):

After you submit the email to TRAY Sales (, it can take at least one business day for your TRAY account to be activated in the Raydiant Dashboard. As soon as it's ready, we'll reach out to let you know you're good to go!


For Tray Order Status, please refer to the article here


In your TRAY app, click the 'Connect to TRAY' button to connect to your TRAY account. Once you are connected to your TRAY account, select a venue and menu from the corresponding drop down lists to display in the presentation builder viewer.

Feel free to adjust the price format, layout, image, footnote, theme, and duration. You can select the out of stock products to display, and have the ability to add a QR code.

Once you are done with your edits, click the 'Save' button to save your changes, and click the 'Done' button to bring you back to the Library page.

When you're ready to put your menu on your screens, it works the same way as publishing any other presentation to your Raydiant screens: just add it to your playlist, make sure that playlist is assigned to the desired screens, and click 'Publish' to send it out!


For TRAY support questions, please contact or call 844-873-8729.

For support regarding issues with the TRAY app in your Raydiant dashboard, please contact:

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