Mapping Users & Locations from Toast (Hoopla)

*Note: We are currently beta testing the Toast Integration. If you are interested in being a beta tester, please contact our Support team.

In order to start mapping Toast data in Hoopla, Admins must first add and authorize the Toast integration. Please review our article on Authorizing Toast if you have not already done so.


  1. In Configure > Users, click on the Toast tile to access the Integration page.

  2. Click into the Mapping Users & Locations section.

  3. In order to map data to Hoopla users, you must map the Locations for those users within this section.

  4. Press the “Select a Location” Button and choose the Toast locations you wish to map into Hoopla. Once you have mapped a location, all of the corresponding users from Toast will be added into Hoopla.

  5. If you do not have enough Hoopla licenses for all your users, we will only map some users (you will see an error if this is the case - contact your CSM to purchase more licenses).

  6. To remove users, you must remove them (or mark them as "inactive" within Toast).

  7. To remove a location, click into the Settings panel on the right hand side of the integration page, and click on the (-) button.

  8. Any users successfully created from a Toast mapping, will receive a welcome email, sent to the email address within their profile.

  9. If the user does not have an email address, we will create a "dummy" email address - this means the user will not receive a welcome email and will not be able to log in. If you want your users logging into Hoopla, update their Toast profile with the correct email address.

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