How do I display EmployeeMetrics® on my Raydiant screens?

EmployeeMetrics® is a software solution that specializes in labor compliance. It displays employee hours and breaks in real-time, high-priority notifications, and reports for workplace management. EmployeeMetrics aims to make the world of labor compliance more transparent for both the employer and the employee. It eases the burden of the employer to determine if they are compliant with labor regulations.


To enable EmployeeMetrics® on your Raydiant account please reach out to your account executive at Raydiant or email sales at

Alternatively, you can go to


Once you have purchased EmployeeMetrics® integration, head over to your Library within the Raydiant Dashboard where you will be able to create a new EmployeeMetrics® presentation.


On the Presentation Builder page you will see a QR code:


Once you scan it, you will be directed to EmployeeMetrics®'s webpage where you will need to log in. Then, an authentication key will appear in your Raydiant Dashboard's Presentation Builder. 

Enter the code into the AUTHENTICATION KEY input field:



There are four options you can set in the EmployeeMetrics® presentation builder:


ROWS PER PAGE will set the maximum number of rows that will be displayed at any given moment.

DWELL TIME will set the duration in seconds before the app shows the next set of rows.

ZOOM DISPLAY will allow you to increase and decrease the size of rows.

DURATION is the time that your EmployeeMetrics® will be displayed before your ScreenRay switches to the next presentation in the playlist.


Here is the EmployeeMetrics®'s FAQ page. For EmployeeMetrics® support questions, you can reach out by using the Contact Us link or the chat bubble on Turnaround time is the end of the next business day.

For support regarding issues with the EmployeeMetrics® app in your Raydiant dashboard, please contact:

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