How Do I Display My DCatalog Screen?

DCatalog is a digital publishing platform that enables corporations to create and publish HTML5 digital flip-books into flip catalogs, magazines, brochures, reports, training materials, and more. Its goal is to increase access to flip-book content in order to increase brand awareness and online sales. DCatalog’s target audience is publishers, marketing, and eCommerce professionals.


DCatalog is a premium third-party app only available while using Surface Go 2. If you don’t see the DCatalog app in the Raydiant dashboard, contact Raydiant Sales at To have access to the DCatalog's features you need to have an existing DCatalog account, if you do not have an account you can register here

Afterward, you need to navigate your Doc ID. When locating the Doc ID, go to your main DCatalog Dashboard and scroll down to the “My Editions” section:


Click the icon under “Links” and find the HTML5 Link:


This URL ends with the Doc ID, a unique alphanumeric code, that you are able to copy (you will need this in step 2 below):



Follow the steps below to add your DCatalog presentation to your Raydiant screen.

Step 1:

Create a new presentation with your DCatalog app.


Step 2:

Insert your Doc ID from the DCatalog's dashboard.


Step 3:

Select the duration of your DCatalog's presentation. The default setting is 30 seconds.


Step 4:

Save your desired settings by clicking ‘Save’ and ‘Done’.


Step 5:

Create or edit a new playlist and simply add DCatalog to it. Publish your playlist to your screen and you’re done!


For assistance related to DCatalog, please reach out to DCatalog's Support via email at or DCatalog's help center by clicking here.

For assistance related to DCatalog application on your Raydiant dashboard, please reach out to Raydiant Support via email at .

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