How Do I Display My Goodable Screens

Goodable, Inc. is a news platform that publishes positive and uplifting news stories. Goodable’s mission is to help its customers sleep, feel, and perform better by providing a curated and customized news feed, aimed at promoting mental well-being. The AI-powered platform uses machine learning to filter through thousands of news articles in order to identify and share good news stories with a high 'happiness score’. Goodable brings value to Raydiant by providing inspiring news for employees in corporate offices.


Goodable is a premium Raydiant application. If you would like to enable the Goodable app in your Raydiant Dashboard, please reach out to to have the app added to your plan.


1. When Goodable app is added to your plan, you can access the app in your Dashboard by navigating to the "Library" page and clicking on the green "Create" button to open your app list.


2. First, enter your local ZIP Code to display the local temperature. The preview on the right should also start showing various news articles.


3. By adjusting the "Degrees" option, you can select whether to show the temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

4. In the "Optional: Excluded categories" field, you are able to filter which news categories you would like to exclude from the view, separated by comma. For the best experience, it is recommended to not exclude more than three categories. The available categories are:

    • Health
    • Climate 
    • Heroes
    • Tech
    • Neighbours
    • Sports
    • Culture
    • Science
    • Business

6. Your preview should look similar to this:


On the left side of the screen is a list of daily news articles that gets cycled through. Articles get featured on the right side of the screen for 40 seconds after which the next article in the list takes the spotlight.

The bottom part of the screen in this default view shows the current local temperature, based on the entered ZIP Code and interesting questions/facts.

7. After adjusting your desired options, press "Save".

8. Next, create or edit a new playlist and simply add your created "Goodable" presentation to it. 

9. Publish your playlist to your screen, and you’re done! Sit back, relax, and uplift your employees and customers with positive Goodable content!


For assistance related to Goodable and its content, please reach out to Goodable Support via email at

For assistance related to Goodable application on your Raydiant dashboard, please reach out to Raydiant support via email at

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