How to run multiple instances of DeepSight Toolkit on Windows (Sightcorp)

One of the features of DeepSight Toolkit is that it is now easier to launch multiple instances from the same machine using different configuration directories.

The command line interface comes with the new argument--config-path which allows you to specify a directory where the configuration of your instance is stored. You can have multiple configuration directories and point to these different directories when launching instances of the Toolkit.


You can modify start.bat within the installation directory to launch one or multiple instances with different configuration paths.

For example, you can use the following lines in a batch file and launch 2 instances of the Toolkit:

--hideSTART DeepSight-Toolkit.exe --capture 0 --camera-name cam_01 --deepsight-application <your_app_key> --config-path C:\config1 --nohide

hiSTART DeepSight-Toolkit.exe --capture 1 --camera-name cam_02 --deepsight-application <your_app_key> --config-path C:\config2 --nohidede

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