DeepSight Toolkit - Command Line Arguments for Windows (Sightcorp)

The full list of command line arguments for the DeepSight Toolkit that comes with Deep Neural Network models:

DeepSight-Toolkit [--file <videofile> | --capture <camera-id> | --stream <stream-url>] --camera-name <camera-name> [--deepsight-license] <key> --config-path <config-dir> [--hide] [--auto-play]

--hide : Hides the interface, the Toolkit will run in the background.
--auto-play : Automatically starts analyzing.
-p, --config-path <configPath> : The directory where the settings file as well as the log files are stored. It is important to have writing permission for this location, otherwise no files will be written. A warning dialog will be shown in case of not having writing permissions or an invalid path.
-n, --camera-name <cameraName> : A name you can assign to your camera to help you identify it in reports.
-l, --deepsight-license <licenseKey> : your DeepSight Toolkit license key.
-c, --capture <cameraId> : Numeric ID of camera to capture. The first camera detected by the system (eg. built-in cameras on laptops) is ID 0, the 2nd camera is ID 1, etc.

-f, --file <videoFile> : Path to video file to analyze.
-s, --stream <streamUrl> : RTSP URL of a video stream to analyze, such as one from an IP camera.
-?, -h, --helpdisplay command line argument options.
-v, --version
 : display Toolkit version information.

The command line arguments can be used to auto-start multiple instances of the Toolkit when launching your machine, an example script autorun.bat is provided with the Toolkit.

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