Phenium kitchen intelligence system simplifies your food safety. The system has real-time refrigeration and holding temperatures, AI based mobile alerts, safety logs, compliance, diagnostics and alerting for needed fixes - so you can always stay a step ahead.


  • Peace of mind. IoT sensors log food temperatures automatically and AI algorithms analyze them, so you do not have to worry. You will get a notification on the kitchen screen and on your mobile device when something is not ok.  
  • Reduced waste and risk. Correct temperatures extend food and machine shelf life and real-time recall notifications improve accuracy and reduce cross-contamination and the risk of illness and fines.
  • Empowered teams. Human-centered UX and motivating gamified processes help get food safety and logging tasks done, save time and give your staff the intel and tools to level up their own skills to spot and fix issues before they become problems.
  • From to-do to tada! Automated, blockchain-based data sharing, logs, checklists, and compliance reporting drives trust and resource optimization between restaurants, insurers, and health authorities without the need for time-consuming recordkeeping.
  • Money and time savings. Phenium users impress health inspectors and have all food safety files in one location that can securely be accessed from anywhere. Typically, the fastest financial savings come from not losing walk-ins anymore.

The Phenium system is accessible through your computer, phone, and Raydiant screens. For more information, please check out the Phenium website.


Phenium is a premium Raydiant application. If you would like to enable the Phenium app in your Raydiant Dashboard, please reach out to to have the app added to your plan.

If you don't have a Phenium account, you can book a demo here or reach them via phone at 866-743-6486.

You will receive your unique API Key and the log-in information via email from the Phenium Sales team. From there, additional white-glove training will be provided from Phenium to install Phenium sensors in the kitchen.


1. Once added to your plan, you can access the Phenium app in your Dashboard by navigating to the Library page and clicking on the green "Create" button to open your app library.


2. You will receive a specific API Key from Phenium Sales team via email after adding the Phenium subscription to your plan. The API Key will allow you to display Phenium on your Raydiant screens.


3. Select the screen location from the dropdown menu. Choose "Back Of House" for locations where only employees observe the screen. For other locations, please choose "Front Of House".


4. Choose the temperature unit from the dropdown menu. You can select Fahrenheit or Celsius. Screenshot_2022-07-19_at_17.51.04.png

5. Define the duration that the presentation will be displayed, 30 seconds being the default.

6. Next, create or edit a new playlist and simply add Phenium to it. 

7. Publish your playlist to your screen, and you’re done!


The following is the list of alerts that can happen at “Back of House”. When there is more than one equipment, the display will rotate every 10 secs until alerts have been taken. If there is one equipment, there won’t be any rotation. The option of equipment you can have are: Fridge, Freezer, Cooler, Proofing, Holding, and Dry Storage.

  1. No Issues: Displays “All beans! Keep it up fellas”
  2. Hot Alert: High Severity: Displays “Oh no! Quickly, turn the freezer temperature down.”
  3. Hot Alert: Low Severity: Displays: “Oops, things are about to get heated!”
  4. Cold Alert: High Severity: Displays “Oh no! Quickly turn the freezer temperature up a tad” 
  5. Cold Alert: Low Severity: Displays “Things are cooling down too much, mind checking that out”
  6. Snoozed Alert: Displays “(Team Member) to the rescue, way to go”
  7. Carousel of Multiple Alerts: Displays rotation of #1-#5, ~10 secs per alert
  8. Fixits Pending: Displays “There’s something you may want to look into”
  9. All Requests Done: Displays Blue “All quests done, you rock!”


For assistance related to Phenium, please reach out to their support team via email at or visit their FAQ page.

For assistance related to Phenium application on your Raydiant dashboard, please reach out to Raydiant Support via email at

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