How do I display RaydiantTV on my Raydiant screens?

Established in 2012, RaydiantTV is one of the largest global video aggregators based out of Ireland that provides curated ready-to-monetize videos for advertisers and web publishers. Its online catalog enables users to access a library of over 2.5M semi-live videos including TV shows, movies, documentaries, and short videos from over 1,000 content partners such as FOX, Reuters, Newsy, etc.


In order to use RaydiantTV with Raydiant, you will need to have a Raydiant Dashboard Account. You do not require an existing RaydiantTV Account to use the Dashboard. RaydiantTV is a premium Raydiant application. If you would like to enable RaydiantTV in your Dashboard, please reach out to to have the app added to your plan.


1. Once RaydiantTV is added to your plan, you can access the app in your Dashboard by navigating to the "Library" page and clicking on the green "Create" button to open your app list.

Screenshot 2022-07-08 at 00.25.48.png

2. Within RaydiantTV you will be able to select a "Channel" from the drop-down menu.


You will be able to select from the following channels:

  • Musical Hits
  • What’s Trending
  • U.S. Sports
  • Arabic News
  • Entertainment Insider
  • Travel Escapes
  • Bevs & Bites
  • Science & Tech
  • Auto + Moto
  • U.S. Weather


3. By default, the "Mute" option is disabled, though you can always enable it. Screenshot_2022-07-07_at_23.43.22.png

4. Choose the "Theme" and "Duration" for your menu. Menus offer several themes. Each theme offers a different look and feel, so you can pick the theme that matches the style of your location. Then click the "Save" button. Screenshot_2022-07-07_at_23.43.29.png


5. Next, create or edit a new playlist and simply add the RaydiantTV to it.

6. Publish your playlist to your screen, and you’re done!


For assistance related to RaydiantTV content, please reach out to RaydiantTV Support via email at

For assistance related to the RaydiantTV on your Raydiant Dashboard, please reach out to Raydiant support via email at


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