Multi-timezone scheduling


Multi-timezone scheduling uses your device's time zone to determine the time a playlist should play. Without multi-timezone support, content scheduled to play at 9AM in New York will play at 6AM in San Francisco. With multi-timezone support, both will play at 9AM.

Before you enable multi-timezone scheduling, make sure you've set up the right time zone for each of your devices. See here for more details.

If your account was created post-March 2022, it's already using multi-timezone scheduling. It is recommended that all accounts transition to using multi-timezone scheduling.

Enterprise Domains

All resources, including scheduled playlists, are shared across a domain. Therefore, It's important that timezone behavior is the same for every user in the domain. Once a Super Admin enables multi-timezone scheduling, it will automatically be enabled for every user in their domain.

Users that are being invited to your domain must share the same timezone behavior. If they do not, an error message will show when attempting an invite.

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