Poly is a Santa Cruz based global communications company that powers human connection and collaboration through its audio and video conferencing solutions. Poly’s room system video screens provide valuable real estate that, aside from periods of active conferencing, remain idle for a good part of the day. The integration with Raydiant will not only allow Poly to fully maximize these screens to simply and elegantly run the full ecosystem of Raydiant applications but to also broadcast employee-facing signage and messaging such as company announcements, health, and safety alerts, or even a special birthday.


To utilize Poly, you would need to make sure that your Poly device has Raydiant Digital Signage selected. For instructions on how to select the Raydiant Digital Signage option on your Poly device, click here.

To add your Poly device to your Raydiant dashboard:

1. Go to https://dash.raydiant.com/screens.

2. Click on "Add Screen" on the top left.


3. Enter the activation code that you see on your Poly device into the "Activation Code" field.


4. Name the device to your liking and click "Activate".

If you would like to upgrade to the premium version of Raydiant for Poly, please contact sales@raydiant.com


For assistance related to Poly, please reach out to Poly Support via https://www.poly.com/support/.

For assistance related to Raydiant+Poly integration, please reach out to Raydiant support via
email at support@raydiant.com.

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