How do I display my TRAY order status on my Raydiant screens?

Raydiant has secured an exclusive digital signage partnership with TRAY! This partnership allows TRAY restaurant customers to display their patrons’ order statuses in real-time to Raydiant screens

In addition to the Order Status app integration, there is another TRAY Menu integration that allows TRAY's restaurant customers to update and display their digital menus in real-time to Raydiant screens!



For information on how to add Tray to your dashboard please refer to this article


In your TRAY app, click the 'Connect to TRAY' button to connect to your TRAY account. Once you are connected to your TRAY account and select a venue.
Then, set the various options listed below according to your needs:

  1. Duration to Display Orders - the amount of time orders will display before dropping off;
  2. Update Frequency - how often order statuses update;
  3. Number of Orders to Display - number of orders you want to display;
  4. Header Text - the header at the top left of the screen;
  5. Order Data Fields - choose from options (Order name, Order status, Order number);
  6. Order Status Details - choose from options (Accepted, Completed, New, Held);
  7. Theme - select the style of your theme from the predefined list or build your own.



For assistance related to Raydiant+TRAY integration, please reach out to Raydiant support via:
Live chat at (Chat bubble) 
Live chat at (Live Support)

For assistance related to TRAY, please reach out to TRAY Support via:
Phone +1 844-873-8729.


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