How do I display my TimeWellScheduled schedules on my Raydiant screens?

TimeWellScheduled (TWS) is a time and attendance solution that helps manage employees' schedules. A partnership with Raydiant enables the ability to display TWS scheduling features on your Raydiant screen. From tracking punches, absences, costs, overtime, TWS offers many features that can easily integrate with payroll. Most of TimeWellScheduled’s customers are cloud-based employee management that enables businesses to manage employee attendance, tracking, scheduling, payroll, absence, and availability. TWS supports businesses, like retail, restaurants, professionals, and healthcare.


If you would like to utilize the TWS app, please fill out the following form: to set up your account and it will be automatically added to your Raydiant dashboard library. 


Displaying your schedule

To display your schedule on your Raydiant screens you must first locate the app in your Raydiant dashboard library and click on it.


Next, you'll need to insert the company ID and Raydiant ID for the schedules to populate within the application. The department code is optional, however, if left blank, it will display the schedules of all departments that you have. 


To locate the Company and Raydiant ID you would need to:

1. Log in to 

2. Click on Manage My Business 

3. Scroll down to Partners Table, click on Raydiant


You are able to display schedules in different ranges such as the weekly schedule for this week, next week, or the next 7 days as well as daily schedules for today and tomorrow. In addition to that, you are able to display absences for this and next week as well as a news board to provide your employees with useful information. 



Here's the help article from TWS on the TWS+Raydiant integration. For TWS support questions, please contact:

For support regarding issues with the TWS app in your Raydiant dashboard, please contact:

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