Types of Labels (Hoopla)

There are two types of Labels* that can be used to apply to Metrics & Leaderboards to filter your view of Hoopla: Team Labels and Generic Labels.

Team Labels are automatically created any time a Team is created. Any existing Teams in your account, will already have a Team Label applied to it. The Team Label is the same as the Team Name (e.g. West Coast Sales Team will have the Label West Coast Sales Team). This Label is then applied to all the Users in that Team. If a User is a part of multiple different Teams, that User will have multiple Labels. For example, a User might be a part of the Sales Team and also a part of the San Francisco Team, so he will have both the Sales Team Label & the San Francisco Team Label associated with his name. You can view a User’s Labels in the User List view or in the User details page under Teams/Team Labels. In order for a User to have a Label, that User must be a part of a Team. 

Any Teams that are nested in a larger Team, will contain both the “Parent” Team label and the individual Team Label. For example, the West Coast Sales Team might also be a part of the Sales Team, so that team will have both the West Coast Sales Label and the Sales Label. 

To change the name of a Team Label, you must change the Team name. The Team Label will always come from the Team name, so there is no way to edit one without editing the other. Additionally, you may not remove a Team label from a Team, nor add a Team label to a Team. 

Generic Labels are created by you, the Admin or Team Admin. Generic Labels should only be used if you aren’t organizing your Hoopla account within Teams. If your Users, Metrics & Leaderboards are grouped together by Teams, we recommend using Team Labels, and only use Generic labels if you need to organize your entities in outside of the Team framework. Generic Labels are a good option if you have Metrics or Leaderboards that aren’t necessarily tied to a User (like Marketing metrics).

To create a Generic Metric, navigate to the Labels tile in the Configure tab. At the top of the Labels page, you will be able to add a new Generic Label. You may edit a Generic Label’s name or delete a Generic Label within the details View of that Label, listed within the Labels tile. 

*Labels is an enterprise feature and is not available for everyone. Contact your CSM if you’re interested in having Labels enabled for your Hoopla account.

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