Channel Best Practices (Hoopla)

Make sure you are getting the most from your Hoopla Channel

Want to get the most out of your Hoopla channel? Here is a list of best practices to ensure your channel not only motivates your employees, but continues to keep them engaged.


  • Monthly Engagement Calendar: Look at our Monthly Engagement for ideas: Click Here

Keep the channel interesting

Leverage Shuffle to constantly change up the transitions and backgrounds
Schedule new content to show up throughout the week:

  • Monday message to start the week

  • Forecast reminders on Thursdays 

  • Daily reminder at a specific time to take a coffee break/get up and stretch

Use the Web Page step to post:

  • Humorous video clips 

  • Add local content (weather, traffic, local news) 

Use Schedule and/or Segments to avoid content becoming stale (event pictures will get old after a few weeks)


Newsflashes create breaks in the action and cause people to pay attention

Don’t just recognize the end result, celebrate progress along the way. Ideas for Newsflashes:

  • Demo scheduled/completed

  • Celebrate hitting call goal for the day

  • Inbound hot head

  • Trial started

  • New opportunity created over $xx,xxx

  • Deals closed and/or big deals closed over $xx,xxx


  • Don’t turn off the sound because it is too distracting

  • Place remote Bluetooth speaker in the pod and turn off monitor speaker

  • Place a large TV on stand within the pod


  • Have fun with themes such as, holidays, march madness, and summer fun

  • Leverage Tags when selecting backgrounds for theme specific images

  • Download backgrounds and video clips (use Tags to bucket your content) and schedule them to start at appropriate times

  • Announce the theme and get everyone involved by having them update their profile

Player Profiles and Personalization

Hoopla is more fun and engaging when people personalize their video/walk-up song in their Profile

  • Create player themes for the month:

  • Doppelganger month

  • Baby picture month

  • Favorite actor month

  • Holiday month

Number & Size of TVs

  • The more the merrier

  • Make sure everyone can see/hear a TV clearly

  • 60-inch monitors on stands can be rolled into place anywhere you want

  • If you can get an 80-inch, even better 

Sales/Motivational Quotes

  • Leverage the Motivational Quotes Step to display a different motivational quote each cycle or use the Post Step with Shuffle feature to create your own library of motivational quotes 

  • Upload your favorite quotes complete with images and text

  • Add your own sales inspiration into the mix

Customer Accolades

  • Upload real customer quotes along with their photos to fire up the team

  • Have marketing create 50 of them, load them up and Shuffle them in a Post Step

  • Share a customer video testimonial using the Video Step or add a YouTube link in a Web Step

Use it for Customer Success

Broadcast metrics that track your customer's health and success:

  • NPS Scores

  • Red account lists

  • Renewal rates

  • Upsell rates

  • Leaderboard for saves and/or renewal revenue

Use it for Corporate Communication

Broadcast your corporate communications, such as: birthdays & anniversaries, announcements, promotions, open positions, corporate values, and goals and progress

Employee Engagement

Upload a picture or use Google Slides to create New Hire Employee slides that share a little information about the new hire so everyone can get to know them.

  • Employees can use to give “Shout Outs” to other employees for collaborating

  • Announce rewards for a “job well done”

  • Encourage positive health & wellness with a health contest such as, Biggest Loser, etc. and share results on Hoopla TV

Share corporate and departmental goals on Hoopla TV and track performance with Metric Steps

Highlight the company Mission Statement on Hoopla TV

Recognize philanthropy of the company and the employees: 

  • Create leaderboards for volunteer hours

  • Share pictures from charitable events

Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and new-hires using the Calendar Event step

Upload pictures from parties and events and make sure you create Tags to ensure you can easily find and broadcast them

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