How to Apply Labels to Metrics & Leaderboards (Hoopla)

There are two ways to apply your Team or Generic Label* to Metrics & Leaderboards: 1) Mass apply labels within the Labels Management tile or 2) Individually within each Metric or Leaderboard.

To mass apply a label to a set of Metrics or Leaderboards:

  1. Navigate to the Labels tile within the Configure Tab

  2. From the list view, find and click on the Label you want to add to your Metrics & Leaderboards.

  3. Under the section Content with this Label, click on Metrics>Add items.

  4. Type any Metric name in the search field on the right, press enter and click on the + button to add a Metric to the label. (you do not have to search for the Metric name in its entirety, you may simply enter a keyword or a letter) 

  5. Once you have finished adding Metrics to your Label, repeat the steps above for Leaderboards.

  6. Finally, click Save.

  7. To remove a set of Metrics/Leaderboards, simply click the - button and then click Save. 

To individually add a Label to an existing Metric or Leaderboard:

  1. Navigate to the specific Metric or Leaderboard you wish to add a Label to.

  2. Within that Metric or Leaderboard detail view, you will see a section titled Labels; within that Labels box, you may select one or more Labels from the dropdown to apply to that specific entity.

  3. If you want to remove a Label that is applied to a particular

  4. Once you are satisfied with the Label(s) applied to your Metric/Leaderboard, click Save.

To individually add a Label to a newly created Metric or Leaderboard:

  1. Navigate to the Metric or Leaderboards section under the Configure tab, and click on the Add button.

  2. Within the create field, you will see a new section called Labels; this is where you may add a Label to a Metric or Leaderboard.

  3. If you are creating a Metric or Leaderboard with a Filtered view, we will automatically apply the Label(s) within that Filter to any newly created Metric or Leaderboard. (If you don’t want a Filter Label applied, simply click on the x button next to the Label).

Once you have filled out all the necessary information to create a Metric or Leaderboard, click Save. 

*Labels is an enterprise feature and is not available for everyone. Contact your CSM if you’re interested in having Labels enabled for your Hoopla account.

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