Using Hoopla in a Marketing Department (Hoopla)

Need an easy way to bring visibility to Marketing KPIs?

It’s difficult to keep the company informed of marketing stats and performance. Usually, the sales team serves as a barometer for measuring the efficacy of marketing campaigns, discussing the abundance or scarcity of qualified leads. Use Hoopla TV to broadcast ALL the important KPIs that showcase the efforts of your Marketing team, including campaign conversion rates, social impact & growth, and website traffic.

Want to increase engagement between Marketing and other departments?

Marketing plays a key role in helping the Sales team meet their goals, and Hoopla can highlight those efforts. For example, use a Newsflash to attribute credit to the Marketing team when a lead they sourced becomes a customer. Or, celebrate successful campaigns by triggering a Newsflash when lead conversion rates meet a set target. Provide new ways of congratulating and thanking colleagues in other departments, through Quickfire and Slack Newsflashes.

Eager to communicate marketing initiatives and promote campaigns?

Hoopla Channels are versatile, giving you the ability to broadcast metrics, announcements, videos, images, and more. Leverage those different content types to bridge gaps in communication between Marketing and other departments. Announce the beginning of a new campaign, post a visual reminder of the lead tracking process, highlight customer quotes, and showcase activity on social media.

Check out this demo channel to see how Hoopla can make an impact in a Marketing department!

How to Create Your Own Marketing Channel

  1. Log in to your existing account or contact us to get started.

  2. Define some Metrics under Configuration > Metrics > Add. Just enter a name and type for each Metric you add; no need to populate values yet. Here are some suggested Marketing metrics to track:

  • Dreamforce Lead Conversion (Type: Percent)

  • Lead Conversion Rate (Type: Percent)

  • Marketing Qualified Leads (Type: Number)

  • Marketing Sourced Revenue (Type: Currency)

  • Sales Qualified Leads (Type: Number)

  • Social Followers (Type: Number)

  • Webinar Registrants (Type: Number)

  • Website Traffic Growth (Type: Percent)

  • Week-Over-Week Growth (Type: Percent)

3. Many Marketing metrics are results of calculations. Our Google Sheets integration makes it easy to perform those calculations and upload the results into Hoopla. Use these instructions to set up the integration and start importing your Metric values. Most likely, your Marketing metrics will be represented with Generic Identifiers.
If you don’t want to use Google Sheets to sync metric values into Hoopla, you can update your Metrics manually under Configuration > Metrics > (edit each Metric) > Generic.

4. Configure a Quickfire Newsflash to enable you to broadcast announcements on-the-fly. Call it “Marketing Announcement” and use it to call out the launch of a new campaign!

5. Configure your Channel by clicking and dragging desired components into your Lineup. Within the Lineup sub-tab, click on “Extras”. (Most Marketing content will come from this “Extras” section.)

6. Add Newsflashes to your Channel.
Within the Newsflashes tile dropdown, you should see your “Marketing Announcement” Quickfire Newsflash. Click and drag it into the middle column to add it to your Channel.

7. Add Ticker sources to your Channel.
Here are some suggested sources to try:

  1. Twitter Feed - enter your company's Twitter handle (e.g., @hooplasoftware)

8. Broadcast your Channel.
You will need a dedicated device attached to each TV that will display a Hoopla Channel. Check out our hardware requirements before purchasing devices.

  • TV Display Activation - Hoopla TV Activation gives Hoopla Admins the ability to control Hoopla TV Channels remotely, with the click of a button. This process will also provide security for your Hoopla TV Channels and enable authorized devices - determined by the Admin - to play/view a Hoopla TV Channel.

Other suggested integrations:

  1. Slack - post announcements to Hoopla TV from within Slack!

  2. Zapier - connect with hundreds of other internet apps to update Hoopla Metrics or trigger Newsflashes.

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