Installing the Hoopla App in TalkDesk (Hoopla)

If you are interested in mapping TalkDesk data into Hoopla, you must first install the Hoopla app in your TalkDesk account. Follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Before getting started, Hoopla will need the your TalkDesk account name.

    1. This is the name you use when logging into your TalkDesk account.

  2. Once you have your TalkDesk account name, reach out to our Support Team to request a Hoopla app link (be sure to include your TalkDesk account name).

  3. Once you've put in your request, our Support team will get back to you with a special link that you can use to install the Hoopla app in TalkDesk.

  4. Once you receive the link, follow the prompts to install the app:

    1. Select from one of two plans (this is will enable you to use the Hoopla app within TalkDesk & is billed by TalkDesk).

      1. The options are 1 month free trial or $30 per user per month.

      2. If you are already an existing user, select the free trial option (you will not be double billed).

    2. Specify which Users for whom you wish to enable the Hoopla app

      1. Any user who's data you wish to pull into Hoopla must be selected here.

      2. You are not required to select any users here.

    3. Specify if you want to Auto Install the Hoopla app for specific roles

      1. You may opt to auto-install the Hoopla app for any users with a specified role (this is not required)

    4. Confirm Authorization

      1. The final step asks you to authorize the installation of the app and allow Hoopla to access specific information in your TalkDesk account.

    5. Finally, click the box at the bottom to agree with the Terms & Conditions and click Install.

  5. If you have successfully installed the app, you will see a green banner in the bottom right corner confirming installation and you will be able to start using TalkDesk in your Hoopla account.

  6. Before proceeding to the next step (Authorizing the TalkDesk Integration), you will need to contact Support and request the TalkDesk integration be turned on for your account. *Once our TalkDesk integration is no longer in Beta, this step will no longer be necessary.

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