Player Leaderboards (Hoopla)

How to Build a Player Leaderboard

Player Leaderboards rank individual Players based on their Metric values. If you want to rank Teams, check out the Team Leaderboards.

  1. In the Configure tab, click Leaderboards under Data in the left nav.  Alternatively, click the Data tile and then Leaderboards tile.

  2. Click Add > Player Leaderboard.

  3. Name your Leaderboard.  Note that this name will show up as the Leaderboard title throughout Hoopla.

  4. Select up to four Metrics to display on the Leaderboard.  You can specify a display label for each Metric you select, which is helpful if you have really long Metric names!

  5. Choose the Players to display.

  6. Choose Watchers of the Leaderboard who don't want to be ranked, but want to view Players' rankings.

  7. Click Save.

Pro Tip: Choose your Players and Watchers by selecting team(s).  Not only will this efficiently add groups of users, but it keeps your Leaderboard Players and Watchers updated when users are added or removed from teams.

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