Setup Channel Watchers (Hoopla)

Select who can watch channels without TV device

As an admin, you can add individuals and teams as Watchers for each Channel. When you list a user as a Watcher, they will have access to view the Channel from the Watch Channels tab in Hoopla. Watchers can simply log in, click on Watch Channels, and select the Channel they wish to view.

To add Watchers, edit your Channel and click on Edit Watchers

  • Select "All users" if you want everyone in Hoopla to have viewing access to the Channel.

  • Select "Only selected users" if you want to pick specific users and/or teams who can view the Channel, then select Watchers from the list below.

Important Notes

  • When viewing a Channel from the Watch Channels tab, the link is secure and unique. The viewing session will expire after ten hours. To view the Channel again, just open it from the Watch Channels tab to start a new viewing session.

  • A Channel URL from the Watch Channels tab cannot be copy/pasted into another tab or window. To play a Channel longer than ten hours, you should activate a TV displays. This will be counted against your TV display licenses.

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