Define your Metrics (Hoopla)

Setup your Metrics

In order to start storing values with your Metrics, you have to first set them up.

  1. In the Configure tab, click Metrics and Uploads under Data in the left nav.  Alternatively, click the Data tile and then Metrics and Uploads tile.

  2. Click Add button.

  3. Enter a Name for your Metric.  For example, if you want to measure how many leads your team has, name this metric Leads.

  4. Select the Type of Metric you will be tracking.  For example, you would choose Number for Leads, but other options include Currency, Percentage & *Time.

  5. Select the Number of Decimal Places or Format you wish to display for your Metric.

  6. Optionally choose a Metric Time Span. This helps Hoopla present relevant performance data in Channels and Dashboards.

  7. Click Save

Repeat steps 1-7 until all of your metrics have been created.

*Time as a Metric type is defined as duration displayed as a time value. For example, if you want to display Average Call Duration or Total Daily Call Time, you can use the Time Metric to display these values as HH:MM:SS or HH:MM. The Time Metric can be manually added or added via Salesforce Report, Google Sheets, Excel Online, File Upload or through the Hoopla API. If you plan on using an Integration to automate your Time Metric Updates, we accept the following formats:

  • Salesforce - The Metric should be stored as either the number of seconds (we will convert this into the appropriate time format in Hoopla) or Call Duration under the Activity Object. 

  • Google Sheets - The Metric column should be formatted as either Number (number of seconds) or Duration (hh:mm:ss).

  • Excel Online - The Metric column should be formatted as a Number (number of seconds), Time (Type 37:30:55) or Custom (Type [h]:mm:ss)

  • Hoopla API - The Metric should be imported as the number of seconds (we will convert this into the appropriate time format in Hoopla) 

You may manually add values while setting up your new Metrics if you do not plan on automating your Metric value updates or you are not updating via file uploads.

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