Add User Metric Newsflashes (Hoopla)

Metric Newsflashes can be made for users, teams or generic identifiers. This article covers users, but this video will cover all.

To add a User Metric Newsflash:

  1. In the Configure tab, click Metric Newsflashes under Newsflashes in the left nav.  Alternatively, click the Newsflashes tile and then Metric Newsflashes tile.

  2. Click Add.

  3. Enter a name for your Metric Newsflash. Note that this will be displayed to users in TV Channels and in the Activity tab.

  4. Select the Metric on which this Newsflash will be based.  For example, you might select your "Monthly Revenue" Metric to recognize users for new revenue.

  5. For Value Type, select User.

  6. Set your trigger criteria.

  7. Select between the two methods of posting the Newsflash: Require Players to personalize, or post automatically.  If you want to post automatically, you can specify the message displayed with the Newsflash.

  8. Decide who you want to give Repost permissions to: only admins or all players and watchers. This determines who is allowed to repost a Newsflash that has fired.

  9. Decide if badges are awarded when the Metric Newsflash fires.

  10. In the Players section, specify the Users who are eligible to trigger this Newsflash.

  11. Optionally, add Watchers. Watchers will get to view the Metric Newsflash events in the Activity tab of the web and mobile applications.

  12. Click Save.

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