Configure Calendar Events (Hoopla)

Add birthday, anniversary or new hire announcements

Once you have populated your users' Birthdays & Anniversaries into their Profiles, you can go ahead and add the Calendar Events step to your Channel or Segment Lineup.

  1. In the Configure tab, navigate to the Channel or Segment that you wish to add the Calendar Event to.

  2. In Available Steps, scroll down to the Calendar Event step and drag it into your lineup.

  3. Give the step a name, which will appear on the TV as a title.

  4. Select the Event type - Birthdays, Anniversaries or New Hires. If you want to display all options, simply drag the step into the lineup once for each event type.

  5. Determine whether you want to display all users or a specific team on your channel.

  6. Select a Timeframe.  See the section below on the options.

  7. We have pre-selected a number of celebratory backgrounds for this step type, but you may upload custom contain or select some other options from our stock library. 

Calendar Event Timeframes

  • Events Today will display all the events that take place on that day, throughout the day in your lineup.

  • Events This Week will display all the events that take place during that week, throughout the week in your lineup. Week is defined as being Monday through Sunday.

  • Events This Month will display all the events that take place that month, throughout the month in your lineup. 


  • We will only display this step on the days, weeks or months that contain a calendar event. If your Birthdays or Anniversaries do not happen during the timeframe, we will simply skip over this step when displaying your segment or channel lineup.

  • This is only valid for Hoopla users; if you want to display calendars for other employees, they must be added into Hoopla to be displayed on this step type.

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