Start a Faceoff with Another User (Hoopla)

Challenge your teammate to a head-to-head competition

Faceoffs allow players to create and accept challenges with one another on metrics they share. Each Faceoff is broadcast on Hoopla TV, so players and teammates can keep track of the standings and take part in the fun. Admins have the ability to initiate Faceoffs between Players and Teams, so you may suddenly find yourself in a Faceoff!

Note: For instructions on initiating a Faceoff through your Hoopla Mobile app, click here.

How to Create a Faceoff with Another Player

  1. Go to the Rankings tab 

  2. Click on the Leaderboard on which you would like to base your Faceoff.

  3. Select the Player you want to challenge. On the right side, you'll see a side-by-side comparison between you and that Player.

  4. Under the comparison details, click Challenge to Faceoff.

   5. Select time period. This will be how long your Faceoff will run.
   6. Add some trash talk - Add a personal message that will be shown on Hoopla TV.
   7. Click Invite.

You will be able to view the status on any TV channel that displays the Leaderboard used in the Challenge and on your Activity feed. The following announcements will show:

  • Faceoff Created - announces the challenger and challengee.

  • Faceoff Accepted or Rejected - shows that the challengee accepted or rejected the Faceoff invite.

  • Faceoff Completed - announces the winner.

  • Active Faceoff scores - while the Faceoff is active, we will display the current score periodically in your lineup

How does scoring work?

  • The primary Metric on the Leaderboard on which you based your Faceoff will be used to calculate the score.

  • Scores starts at 0-0 and increment each time a participant improves their value for the Metric during the Faceoff.

  • Your total points at the end of the Faceoff will be the net difference between your score at the beginning and your score at the end.

What happens if your score is tied?

  • If at the end of your selected Faceoff time period the score is tied, the Faceoff will go into "Sudden Death" mode.

  • The first person to score the next point will win the Faceoff.

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