Use a Post Step Template (Hoopla)

  • As of Fall 2019, the Message/Image step has been renamed Post. 

When displaying a Message or Image on Hoopla TV, you may opt to use one of the preset Post templates. Along with the Classic message type, you can select from Spotlight, Bulletin, Meme or simply caption an Image. Use these customizable templates to highlight an employee or customer, display lists or even create your own in-office meme. 


This is the original Message step. Give your step a Title, and then fill in the message text box. Use the default set of background images or upload your own.

Image (with or without caption):

This is the original Image Step with a slight upgrade. After uploading your image, you now have the option to display a caption (not required). Once you've written in your caption, you can customize the Caption Placement and the Caption Background Color.
Example: Image with Caption


Use Spotlight to highlight a specific person or customer. Give your message an optional Title (e.g. Customer Quotes), fill in the message text box, and then fill in the source along with any additional details if applicable (e.g. Tom Clarke, Hoopla Software). Once you've filled in the message details, you can then customize your message even further with Text Alignment, Text Box Placement and Text Box Color. Finally, select a Player/Fan or upload an image to display; we recommend using a Portrait oriented image with a clear focal point (like a headshot). 

Example: Spotlight


Use the News/Lists template to display a list of data. Give your message a Title (required), and then select your Message Type (lists or paragraph). Lists allow you to display for bulleted points of data, while Paragraphs allow you to display two paragraphs of data. Each text box represents one point of data, so be sure to click on the + button next to the text field to add a new bullet point or paragraph. Once you've filled in the message details, customize your template by selecting the color of the Text Box and the color of the Bar. Use the default set of background images or upload your own.

Example: News/Lists with Bullets


Use the Meme template to make your own office meme! First, select an image you want to meme-ify (if you select multiple images, we will shuffle them, and use the same caption, so add multiple Message/Meme steps if you want to make multiple memes).  Next, add a Meme caption; you can add a top caption and/or bottom caption. The last step is to determine how you want to align the text. 

Example: Meme

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