Connecting Hoopla to a Salesforce Sandbox (Hoopla)

How to connect to a Salesforce Sandbox Instance with Hoopla

Please follow the instructions below to use the Salesforce Connector in Hoopla with your Sandbox environment.

After you log into Hoopla, navigate to the Salesforce Integration page.

Once on the Salesforce integration page, please change the URL at the top of the page to:

Then click the "Authenticate with OAuth" button and log in with your SFDC Sandbox credentials.

Please be aware of the following Sandbox restrictions:

  • Streaming Newsflashes will not work

  • None of the data configured for Metrics, Leaderboards, Newsflashes, Channels can be automatically migrated to Production once that connection is made moving forward and these will need to be re-configured from scratch.

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