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Getting started as a Fan

If you've been invited to join Hoopla as a Fan User, the first step you'll want to take is to set up your Profile in Hoopla. Once you've created a password, you should be able to log into Hoopla and complete your profile by adding a photo and custom walk-up video and song. The photo will represent you on the Calendar Events and Newsflashes, while the video and song will only fire on the TV when you trigger a Newsflash (if your Admin has given you permissions to do so).

Let’s get creative and follow these steps:

Step 1 – Log into Hoopla

If you haven't already logged in, go to www.hoopla.net/login. You should have received a Hoopla Welcome email with your email and link to set your password.

Step 2 – View Profile

Once you've logged into Hoopla, click your name in the top righthand corner and select View Profile.

Step 3 - Get Creative!

Choose your Profile Photo. This photo will appear on your Hoopla Channel(s), so be sure to pick an image everyone will recognize!

  1. Click the current image.

  2. Choose a photo from your computer. Square photos work best. Images can be jpeg, png, or gif and less than 200MB. The ideal profile picture size is 300 x 300.

  3. Press Open or Select.

Add your Birthday and Work Anniversary.

  • If your admin has added birthdays and anniversaries to your Hoopla Channel, you will be included!

  • If you prefer not to share these dates with others, delete them by clicking on the 'x'.

Upload your personalized Transition video.

  • This Transition will play (if allowed by your admin) when you trigger a Newsflash on your Hoopla Channel. We recommend uploading a video that will grab everyone's attention!

  • You have the ability to upload a video or insert a YouTube URL

  • Videos must be MP4 format and less than 200MB

  • YouTube Videos: You can select the start time of the video and the duration that it will play.

Choose your Song.

  • This song will play (if allowed by your admin) when your picture is shown during the message portion of a Newsflash on your Hoopla Channel. We recommend uploading a song that fits you and one that will grab everyone's attention!

  • Songs must be MP3 format and edited to start at the best part of the song.

Once you're done, click Save in the top righthand corner.

Hoopla Tip: Some other things you can do in Hoopla:

  • Watch your team's Hoopla Channel in the "Watch Channels" tab

  • View the latest Newsflashes & Challenges within the Activity Feed

  • See how your company is performing on important Metrics within the Rankings Tab

  • Trigger a Quickfire Newsflash to give kudos to a coworker or share a fun photo with your team (if allowed by your admin).

  • Download our mobile app.

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