Share your Channel via Email (Hoopla)

Use Hoopla to automatically email your Channel

In an effort to support employees in a remote environment, you have access to shareable links to your Hoopla Channels. Share these links with your employees (even if they are non-Hoopla users), so they can access channels on their devices and stay up-to-date with company announcements and activities. Links can either be copied and shared manually, or shared via Hoopla's email reminder.

Create a new channel (click here for instructions) to broadcast updates focused on company-wide information and to provide a platform for highlighting employee accomplishments and corporate values.

Pro Tip: Your channel can include company announcements, messages from the CEO (Video step or Web Page step from a YouTube video), main Leaderboards, Quickfire Newsflashes, and Twitter hashtags that employees can tweet into so they can see what everyone is doing.

Enabling Links and Emailing

Here is how to enable Channel links and schedule email reminders:

Navigate to Configure > Channels & TV > Channels.

Under the "Link" column, click on the link icon for the Channel you wish to share.

"Share This Channel" pop-up box will appear. In the top-right corner of the box, make sure link sharing is toggled to ON.

Within the Shared with box, enter up to 10 email addresses to receive the email reminder.

Pro Tip: We recommend using email distribution groups to ensure that everyone gets notified, like

Next, select how often you wish to send your email reminder:

  • Once only

  • Weekly: Selecting Weekly, you will need to pick a day of the week and schedule an end day (Schedule until). *Emails will be sent at 12AM Pacific Time.

Finally, click Save.

As you update the channel, it will automatically update the information in the link. All you need to do is send out a weekly reminder to see what's new.

Disabling Emails and Links

To turn off email reminders, simply toggle Sharing to OFF. Turning link sharing off will also disable the URL.

Pro Tip: For security reasons, when you are done using a specific channel, you should turn off the link. Turning off the link will disable and delete the current link. Toggling sharing back to ON will create a new unique Channel sharing link.

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