Trigger a Quickfire Newsflash (Hoopla)

Make an announcement on a Hoopla Channel

Quickfire Newsflashes are a great way to make announcements on the fly in Hoopla. You may type in a message, upload an image or video or do both! Once you enter your message or upload an attachment and click fire, the Newsflash will instantly appear on any channels that it was added to by your admin.

To trigger a Quickfire Newsflash

  1. Log into Hoopla and navigate to the Quickfire tab.

  2. You will see one or more newsflashes listed, depending on what your admin has configured for you. Select the Newsflash you would like to post.

  3. Type your message or upload an image/video then click Fire.  If you want to include a link to unfurl in your Newsflash, you must enter the full web address. The link will unfurl after the Newsflash message is displayed on TV.  Note that we are not able to unfurl URLs from websites that require logins, i.e. Facebook or Salesforce.

  4. Be sure to watch the TV to see your Newsflash go off! Your Newsflash will also appear in the Activity Tab, in case anyone missed it or wants to "Like" or post a comment.

Image and Video Formats

  • Image or video attachments must be less than 200MB in size.

  • We accept following file formats: MP4. JPEG, PNG, and GIF.

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