Configure Data Table (Hoopla)

Display ranked lists of information from a variety of sources

You can add a previously defined Data Table to your channel or segment.

  1. In the Configure tab, navigate to the Channel or Segment that you wish to add the Data Table to.

  2. Click and drag the Data Table tile to your Lineup

  3. Select which Data Table you want from the drop-down menu in the right-most column.

  4. Configure the remaining Data Table details in the right-most column:

  • Number of Rows: Display between 10 and 250 rows

  • Background: You can use Hoopla's default images or select your own background

  • Duration: Select the amount of time your Data Table will appear in your Channel

  • Edit Column Display: You can adjust the width and alignment of each column

  • Display Row Numbers: Determine if you want your rows numbered

  5. Click Save.

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