Using Hoopla in a Product Department (Hoopla)

Want to track your Sprint progress?

There are a lot of different components to your sprint and it’s hard to keep track of everything thing that is being worked on. With Hoopla, you can track stories completed, bugs created and see your team’s progress. Take data from JIRA, Splunk, New Relic or any other apps you use to display relevant information and show all the work your team does to keep your product a well-oiled machine.

Looking for a way to showcase the latest Product releases?

The product team works hard to release new features and deliver the best product on the market. Hoopla TV can broadcast these important achievements to the entire company, letting everyone know what’s coming out, when it’s coming out, and even allows the rest of your company to give kudos to the engineers for all their hard work.

Are you receiving important alerts as they happen?

Stuff happens. No code is shipped without bugs and sometimes services need to be updated. Your product team wants to address these outages immediately and keep your product up and running with minimal downtime. With Hoopla, you can alert the team when a job fails or keep track of new customer escalations as they come in with an instant announcement, ensuring these problems get resolved as soon as possible!

Check out this demo channel to see how Hoopla can make an impact in a Product department!

How to Create Your Own Product Channel

  1. Log in to your existing account or contact us to get started.

  2. Define some Metrics under Configuration > Data > Metrics > Add.  Just enter a name and type for each Metric you add; no need to populate values yet. Here are some suggested Product metrics to track:

  • Open JIRA Tickets (Type: Number)

  • Support Satisfaction (Type: Generic, Percentage)

  • Zendesk Tickets Closed (Type: Number)

  • EpicsTickets Closed YTD (Type: Number)

  • Bugs Closed this Sprint (Type: Generic, Number)

  • Open Support Tickets (Type: Number)

3. To add values to your Metrics, you can either add them manually, or use one of our integrations (we suggest using Google Sheets or Zapier).
4. Configure a Quickfire Newsflash to enable you to broadcast announcements on-the-fly. Call it “Product Release and use it to announce the release of new features!
5. Configure your Channel by clicking and dragging desired components into your Lineup. 

  • Image Step - Company Logo or Office/Team Photo

  • Countdown - End of Sprint

  • Number Step - Number of Bugs fixed this Sprint

  • Image Step - Promotion Announcement

  • Image Step - QA Sprint Review Slide

  • Number Step - Free Trial Sign-ups

  • Image Step - Feature Release Announcement

  • Message Step - Who’s on 500 Patrol this week

  • Countdown - End of Quarter

  • Website Step - Post the latest weather from your local weather station website

6. Add Ticker sources to your Channel.Here are some suggested sources to try:

  1. Twitter Feed - enter your company's Twitter handle (e.g., @hooplasoftware)

  2. Twitter Feed - TechCrunch - @techcrunch

  3. RSS Feed - Reddit - 

7. Broadcast your Channel.
You will need a dedicated device attached to each TV that will display a Hoopla Channel. Check out our hardware requirements before purchasing devices.

  • TV Display Activation - Hoopla TV Activation gives Hoopla Admins the ability to control Hoopla TV Channels remotely, with the click of a button. This process will also provide security for your Hoopla TV Channels and enable authorized devices - determined by the Admin - to play/view a Hoopla TV Channel.

Other suggested integrations:

  1. Slack - post announcements to Hoopla TV from within Slack!

  2. Zapier - connect with hundreds of other internet apps to update Hoopla Metrics or trigger Newsflashes.

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