Slack Notifications - Best Practices (Hoopla)

Creating your Hoopla Channels for Slack should be looked at differently than what you would display on a TV. Here are some best practices that we’ve received from some of our biggest Slack users:

Watch the webinar or view the bullets below:

  • A Hoopla Channel for each team’s Slack channel: This allows you to push leaderboards and newsflashes with metrics that focus on what that team cares about.

  • Limit Newsflashes: Reduce the newsflashes to a realistic number so it is not overwhelming or only include the most important in the Channel (i.e. Sales or SDR). Then consider Hoopla Mobile for less important newsflash updates.

  • Challenges: Create a special Hoopla Channel for challenges which only include newsflashes and challenge data.

  • Important Company-wide Metrics: Create a Hoopla Channel that includes company-wide metrics and important sales so everyone can be involved. For example, a newsflash that is pushed into a "Corporate Communication" Slack channel when "mega-deals" are closed that highlight the person who closed the deal, company and/or product, and size of the deal.

Create new Slack channels for Hoopla notifications. Example Slack channels:

  • Leaderboards (metrics) only: Create a Slack Channels and Hoopla channel that contain only key leaderboards. This might be helpful if you have multiple leaderboards that you want to display.

  • Sales-Wins: Push newsflash notifications for all sales-related events. Examples: Newsflashes for Demo completed, meeting held, X number of calls in a day/week, and/or closed-won.

  • Customer-wins: Leaderboard and newsflashes around renewals.

  • Customer-Feedback: Newsflashes containing customer feedback. You can use tools like Zapier to link to other feedback sites like G2Crowd Reviews or Google Reviews. You can set this up through Hoopla so anytime you receive a customer review, it will populate into your Hoopla and Slack Channel.

If you haven't integrated Slack yet, get started here.

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