Schedule Segments for your Channels (Hoopla)

Within Channel configuration you may want to create content intended to be broadcasted at a specific date & time. This could include content intended to be displayed a specific date and time (like a contest), or maybe you want to prep content on your channel for the month (“set it and forget it!”), like birthday or anniversary announcements. The Scheduled Lineup, available within each Channel configuration page, will allow you to configure any time-specific content for that particular Channel.

Configuring a Scheduled Lineup for your Channel

  1. In the Configure tab, click Channels under Channels and TV in the left nav.  Alternatively, click the Channels and TV tile and then Channels tile.

  2. Select a Channel where you would like to schedule steps.

  3. In the middle column, select the “Scheduled” sub-tab. "Default" is your non-scheduled lineup.

  4. The Scheduled lineup will default to your current date, but you may click into the calendar picker to select any date in the future on which you would like to schedule new segments or steps.

  5. The Scheduled lineup is grouped together in Segments, which are defined as one or more steps. To start a new Segment, drag any step type over into your Scheduled Lineup from Available Steps, or drag any reusable segment over into your Scheduled lineup from Available Segments. Note: There is no limit to the number of Segments you may have in your Scheduled Lineup on any given day, but two segments cannot have the same start time.

  6. Configure the scheduled segment details, such as scheduled time.  See below section.

  7. Add additional steps to your scheduled segment, if needed, and configure the step details in the right column.  You can reorder the steps within a segment.

  8. Finally, don't forget to click Save.

Configure Scheduled Segment Details

Once you've created a new segment in Scheduled lineup by dragging over a step from Available Steps or a segment from Available Segments, you can configure the details of the segment itself in the right-hand column.

  1. Give your new segment a Name, i.e. Power Hour or Call Blitz, if you dragged over a step.  If you dragged over a reusable segment, we will use the existing segment name.

  2. Set the Start date and time for the segment, which must be in the future.  The start time is independent of timezone.  This means if it's configured at 8am, it will display at 8:00am PST in your west coast office and 8:00am EST in your east coast office.

  3. Select how frequently you want your scheduled segment to appear on your TV channel.  You can select Once Daily or Reappear during the day.  For the latter, the segment will display at the scheduled start time and then re-display at the end of each loop of your Default lineup, until the specified End time.

  4. Select how often you want your scheduled segment to repeat.  You can select Never, Daily, and Weekly (pick which days of the week).  The segment will repeat until an optional Repeat End time.

Delete a Segment from Scheduled Lineup

If you want to delete a Segment, click the X next to the Segment name and click Save.

  • Note: Deleting a Segment set to repeat will delete all instances of the repetition.

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