Create a Metrics Step, Gauge, or Progress Bar from a Salesforce Report (Hoopla)

Easily Turn a Salesforce Report into a Metric, Gauge, or Progress Bar and add it to a channel.

The Metric Step allows you to display graphical information such as a big number, a progress bar, or gauge related to a single metric on Hoopla TV channels. Go to the Salesforce Integration section on the left navigation bar. Once you have mapped your master User report to Hoopla, the Report Wizard section will be available. 

Select "Create a Metric Step"

  1. Use the dropdown to select a Tabular or Summary report from Salesforce.

  2. Next, select the Report Column, from which you would like to map the "Grand Totals" Value.

  3. Next, select a Metric and a Team or Generic Identifier where the value will be stored (you also have the option to create a new Metric here)

  4. Schedule how often you want Hoopla to sync with the Salesforce report.

  5. Next, select the Display Type (Number, Gauge or Progress Bar). If you select Gauge or Progress Bar, be sure to add your Breakpoints and Target Values as required.

  6. Under What to include in Hoopla TV display? check the boxes for the labels you would like to display on your channel and then click Next.

  7. Next,  select any Channels or Segments to add your new Metric Step to (this is not required) and then click Create Metric Step.

  8. You can now go to the Channel (s) to make any changes to the display settings of this Metric Step.

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