Connecting a Hoopla channel to a Raydiant screen (Hoopla)

How to connect your Hoopla channel to a Raydiant device using the Raydiant account portal

Connect your Raydiant Device to the Raydiant Account

To connect your device to your Raydiant account for the first time, refer to this process.

Set up your Hoopla Channel in the App

  1. Navigate to the Library tab and click the create button.

  2. Choose "Add a Hoopla channel".

  3. Name the channel and click the connect to Hoopla button.

  4. Authorize the connection.

  5. Once back on the Raydiant screen, choose the channel you would like to show.

  6. Next, select a layout.

    1. For Classic Layout, we will display Hoopla in the Classic landscape view.

    2. For Responsive Layout, your channel will be displayed according to your window orientation (portrait or landscape) - Note: Responsive Layout will only display a limited number of channel steps (Leaderboards, Posts and Newsflashes).

  7. Click Save and then Done.

Create a Playlist

  1. On the Library tab click the create button.

  2. Choose "Create a Playlist".

  3. Name the Playlist

  4. Click the Add Content Button and select the Hoopla channel you just added to the content.

  5. Add any additional content you would like.

  6. Click Save and then Done.

Assign the Playlist to your screen

  1. Navigate to the Screens tab.

  2. On the screen you would like to show your Hoopla Playlists on, click the playlist icon.

  3. Choose your Playlist and Assign it.

  4. Click Publish.

The Hoopla channel should start streaming on your screen if the screen is active.

ProTip: If you add other items to the playlist, Newsflashes will not currently go off while the Playlist is playing the items other than Hoopla.

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