Update Metrics with Email Upload (Hoopla)

Use the Email Upload feature to update Metrics in bulk, simply by sending a spreadsheet as an email attachment to a special Hoopla-generated email address.

If you're using a CRM or other database that allows you to schedule a report to be sent as an email attachment, you can use this feature to regularly update Metric values.

Format your spreadsheet for Hoopla

  • You must have a column called Email, populated with your Hoopla users' email addresses. If your users were added via Salesforce, use their Username instead. The column will still be labeled Email.

  • The remaining columns should contain aggregated Metric values for each user.

*Note: If your worksheet contains multiple tabs, we will only read the info on the first tab of that worksheet. 

How to Generate Email Addresses to Send To

  1. In the Configure tab, click Metrics and Uploads under Data in the left nav.  Alternatively, click the Data tile and then Metrics and Uploads tile.

  2. Click on Email Upload sub-tab.

  3. Click the Add Email button. This will generate a unique email address to which you can send your exported csv or xls files. You can create a unique email address for each system from which you intend to send reports.

  4. Give your email address a recognizable name. For example, if this email address will be used to send reports from SugarCRM, you may want to call it "SugarCRM Reports".

  5. Click Save

How to Use Email Upload

  1. Once you have generated a unique Hoopla email address, you can send emails with .csv and .xls file as attachments to that address.  Note that tables included inline in the email body are not supported.

  2. Any errors with the email upload will appear in the bottom section of the Email Upload page.

Email uploads are limited to 200 per hour total per account. If you have exceeded your hourly limit, you will see an error message in the status section of Email Uploads.

Tip: Some systems allow you to schedule regular email exports of a report.  If you can configure this in your system, it's a great way to schedule regular updates to your Hoopla Metrics.

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