Mapping Hubspot Data into Hoopla (Hoopla)

Once your Hubspot account has been successfully connected, you may now start mapping Hubspot Data into Hoopla. Follow the steps below to get started

Mapping Metrics

  1. Within your Hubspot Integration, go to the Map Data section and click on the arrow next to "Mapping Metrics"

  2. Next, click on the “Map Metrics” button to get started.

  3. Once clicked, a modal will open up, prompting you to do the following:

    1. Give the Metric mapping a name (this is for internal use only and will not show up on Hoopla TV)

    2. Select a sync interval:

      1. 10 minutes

      2. 15 minutes

      3. 30 minutes

      4. 1 hour

      5. 6 hours

      6. 12 hours

      7. One day (24 hours)

    3. Select a time range (pull all data that takes place in the specified time range):

      1. Today

      2. Yesterday

      3. This Week

      4. Last Week

      5. This Month

      6. Last Month

      7. This Year

      8. Last Year

    4. Next, select a Data Sets - your options are the following:

      1. Deal = Closed Won (any Deal marked as "closed won" will be pulled in)

      2. Calls = Completed (any Call marked as "Completed" will be pulled in)

      3. Emails = Completed (any Email marked as "Completed" will be pulled in)

    5. Once you have selected a Data Set has been created, we will reveal six fields that must be selected by the Admin:

      1. User Type - This refers to a Hubspot role; this field is read-only as there is only one option, Owner.

      2. Team - This refers to a Hoopla Team; this field is read-only as there is only one option, All Users.

      3. Date Type - This refers to the field in Hubspot that we will reference when pulling for a specific time range.

        1. For Deals - we are referencing the "Closed" date field

        2. For Calls - we are referencing the "Last Updated" date field

        3. For Emails - we are referencing the "Last Updated" date field

      4. Calculation Type - This refers to how we will calculate the data; choose from Sum (e.g. total amount of ARR) or Count (e.g. total number of calls)

        1. Sum means we will sum the total value of all the records, based on the value in the Field record - we will sum Deal values and Call times (this is not an option for the Email Data Set)

        2. Count means we will count the number of records in Hubspot for that Data Set (e.g. Total MRR / $100K, Talk Time / 57 minutes, Emails Sent Today / 5 Emails)

      5. Field - this refers to the field we will use to populate your metric.

        1. For Deals - we will pull the value from the Amount Field

        2. For Calls - we will pull the value from the Duration Millisecond Field.

        3. For Emails - this is not applicable.

      6. Hoopla Metric - select from an existing Metric or create a new metric in this field.

      7. Click the plus button after the Hoopla Metric Field and click Save.

    6. Once saved, Hoopla will start syncing data at the specified interval.

    7. All saved Metric Mappings will be saved within the Create Metrics section.

      1. You may edit or delete any Metric Mapping by clicking into each one individually.

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