Trigger a Slack Newsflash (Hoopla)

How to trigger from within Slack

Once you've added a Slack Newsflash to a Hoopla Channel, you can trigger it from within Slack, provided that you are an eligible Slack user and you use the "/hoopla" command within an enabled Slack channel.

To post your announcement, type/hoopla [message] in one of the enabled Slack channels, and send.

  • If you want to include a link to unfurl in your Newsflash, you must enter the full web address (i.e. https://www...)

  • We are not able to unfurl URLs from websites that require logins (i.e. Facebook or Salesforce)

  • Link will unfurl after the Newsflash message is displayed on TV

  • We are not able to post images this way

Hoopla will post your specified message to the Hoopla TV Channel(s) to which the Slack Newsflash has been added.
Anyone listed as a Watcher on the Slack Newsflash will be able to view your message in their Activity tab in the web and mobile apps.

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