Quick-Start Guide - without Salesforce (Hoopla)

Follow these steps to set up your Hoopla account.

  1. Add Users. These are the people participating in Leaderboards and Newsflashes . You can also add people who want the ability to log in to Hoopla to view data as a Watcher.

  2. Define Metrics and upload values for users. Metrics are what you use to measure your team's performance, and can include KPI's such as calls, closed sales and meetings.  Metrics are the building blocks of Hoopla. They are used in Leaderboard rankings, and Newsflash triggers and Channels. ***Note: If using Google Sheets click here.

  3. Create Leaderboards. Leaderboards are ranked lists of Players or Teams, to be displayed on your TV Channel.

  4. Add Metric Newsflashes. Metric Newsflashes help you and your team celebrate important achievements as they happen

  5. Create a Channel.

  6. Broadcast your Channel and watch Hoopla transform the way your team works!

    ***Note: If using Raydiant hardware, click here.

For step-by-step instructions, here is a YouTube Playlist.

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