Types of Metric Newsflashes (Hoopla)

Metric Newsflashes help you and your team celebrate important achievements as they happen. 

For example, you may want to recognize a user for closing $100,000 in new business or for scheduling 50 meetings in a month.  Or you may want to recognize the entire sales team for closing $1,000,000 in new business.
Each Metric Newsflash must consist of criteria based on a Metric you've defined, and a set of Users, Teams, or Generic Identifiers that can trigger the Newsflash.

All Metric Newsflashes - User, Team and Generic Identifier - post immediately on your TV Channel and Users' Activity tab when they trigger.  In addition, User Metric Newsflashes provide an option for you to allow users to personalize the Metric Newsflash displayed on TV channels and Activity feed.

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