Remote Employee Kit (Hoopla)

Guide to utilizing Hoopla features for a remote employee

With the Hoopla Remote Toolkit, you have everything you need to motivate & engage your employees in ANY environment.

Use Hoopla on your Mobile Device

Get started by downloading the Hoopla app for your mobile device (available for iOS and Android devices) and start utilizing all the features. Click here for more information on:

  • Downloading the mobile app and enabling notifications to see Newsflashes

  • Engaging your team by "liking" and commenting peer's successes

  • Inviting a coworker to a face-off challenge 

  • Using Quickfire Newsflashes to maintain your culture 

Log into the Hoopla app

When you log into, you have access to the following:

  • Hoopla Dashboard: The Dashboard is a personalized space in your Hoopla app where you can see how you are performing and check how you stack up against others on your team.

  • Activity Tab: We find that companies whose teams "like" and comment on their teammates activities (Newsflashes and Challenges) have higher motivation and engagement. Send your players our guide to Starting a Faceoff with Another Player.

  • Ranking Tab: Players can view all Leaderboards in which they have been added as either a Player or Watcher. Click any Leaderboard to see ranking details and Metric values.

  • Watch Channels: Your admin can add users as "watchers", which gives them the ability to watch channels from the web for up to 10 hours. 

  • Quickfire Newsflashes: Use Quickfire Newsflashes to recognize coworkers beyond just metrics and instill company culture. Examples range from giving "Shout Outs" to other employees on teamwork or having remote workers post pictures while on the road or of their pets. 

Push Information to Your Employees

Utilize Channel Links: Take advantage of these links by creating custom channels to broadcast information to your whole company or utilize already existing channels. You can copy the link or schedule it to be sent by email within Hoopla.

Email Summaries: Email summaries are a great way to engage your users wherever they are. Send daily, weekly or monthly emails that summarize key metrics, highlight important leaderboards, and more to keep your remote employees motivated and engaged.

Slack Integration: Utilize the Hoopla-Slack integration to continue to recognize your peers! The bi-directional integration pushes Newsflashes, Leaderboards, Challenges, and Calendar Events (Birthday's and Anniversaries) from Hoopla into Slack. Learn more about Hoopla/Slack best practices and get your players and fans in on the action with this guide.

Microsoft Teams Integration: Start using Microsoft Teams to view your Hoopla Channel(s). Coming soon, you'll have the ability to push Hoopla Notifications into Teams.

Add a Custom Hoopla Tab in Salesforce: Users have the ability to add and watch their Hoopla channel from Salesforce or use the tab as a login page into the Hoopla app.

Get Players Engaged - Update your Profile

Personalizing the way you are displayed on Hoopla increases engagement. Follow the steps here on how to update your profile picture, song, video and more.

Hoopla Pro-Tip: Create player themes for each month, such as updating your picture to your doppelganger, baby picture or favorite actor month.

Additional Tools

SecondScreen: With our partnership with Raydiant, you have access to a second screen platform/hardware to further improve communication, motivation and engagement with your teams while working at home. The all-in-one communications and messaging hub combines video conferencing, internal communications, and real-time data sharing on a screen separate from their workstation or laptop, so employees can work without interruption.

  • COVID-19 Response Kit: Utilize our CDC health tips in your Hoopla to keep your employees informed.

  • Remote Tips Custom Content: Utilize our regularly updated Remote Tips to help your employees work efficiently. Add a Post step to your Channel, use the "Remote Tips" tag, and select shuffle all.

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