Initiating Faceoffs for Players and Teams (Hoopla)

Admins can start a head to head competition

As a manager, you may want to infuse your team with some extra motivation for a short period of time. One of the best ways to do that is with some friendly competition! If you have admin permissions in Hoopla, you have the ability to initiate one-on-one challenges between Players and Teams, based on your existing Leaderboard configurations. Here's how!

For step-by-step instructions for players initiating a Faceoff, go to our guide Start a Faceoff with Another User

How to Initiate a Faceoff for Players and Teams

  1. In the admin panel, go to Configure > Challenges > Faceoffs.

  2. Click Initiate on the top right hand side of the screen.

  3. Select which Leaderboard* should "host" the Faceoff. The Faceoff score will be calculated based on the primary ranking Metric of the Leaderboard you choose. A Player Leaderboard will lead to a faceoff between two players. A Team Leaderboard will lead to a faceoff between two teams.

  4. Select the participants for this Faceoff.

  5. Select the duration of the Faceoff. 

 If Single Faceoff:

  • Select the duration of the Faceoff. This can be less than a day (i.e. one, two, or more hours) or for up to 7 days. 

  • Set the Start Date and Time for your Race. Once the Faceoff has started, all participants start at a zero value and we will calculate the score based on the primary Metric.

  If Recurring Faceoff**:

  • Select the Recurring Frequency - Daily or Weekly. 

  • Set the Start and End Date/Time of the Faceoff. Daily Faceoffs recur only on weekdays and weekly Faceoffs recur only between Monday-Friday.

  • Choose whether you want the Faceoff to recur indefinitely or end on a specific date.

6. Write a message to the participants. This will appear when the Faceoff is announced.

Optional*: If you are not already added as a Watcher for the Leaderboard, you will see an additional setting. Check the box labeled "Add myself as a watcher..." if you would like to monitor Faceoff activity for this Leaderboard.

7. Select between no song or to play the player's song (if present) when the winner is announced. 

8. Email notifications

  • Opting into email notifications will notify the challenge participants when a Faceoff is about to begin (up to 2 hours beforehand) and when a Face is complete (email will contain participant's final score).

  • Email notifications are turned on by default - to opt out, simply uncheck the box.

9. Click Save when you're done.

  • Participants will receive an email, notifying them of the new Faceoff.

*If this Leaderboard is part of your Channel Lineup, you'll see the Faceoff announcement on TV!
**Recurring Faceoffs are denoted with a green repeat symbol 🔁 next to the Faceoff in the list view. 

Delete or Edit a Faceoff

Within the Faceoffs tile, you will see a list of all Active and Scheduled Faceoffs. Toggle between All/Active/Future in the top right hand corner to narrow down your view.

To edit or cancel a particular Faceoff, click into the Faceoff you wish to make changes to.

  • If this Faceoff is scheduled for a future date/time, you may edit both the duration and the start time/date. Click Save.

  • If this Faceoff is active, you may only edit the duration if the new duration ends at some point in the future. Click Save.

  • You may cancel Active or Future Faceoffs by clicking the Cancel Faceoff button.

What Faceoff events are shown on TV?

If the host Leaderboard is included in your Channel Lineup, the following Faceoff events will be broadcast on that Channel:

  • Faceoff initiated by the admin

  • Active Faceoff scores* - while the Faceoff is active, we will display the current score periodically in your lineup

  • Faceoff complete - the winner will be announced, along with the final score.

*If you don't want active Faceoff scores displayed on a channel, you may turn off Faceoff scores within Channel Configuration. Go to the Leaderboard Details in your lineup, scroll down to Advanced Settings and check the box next to "Turn off Faceoff scores on TV."

What Faceoff events are posted in the Activity Tab?

How does scoring work?

Faceoff scoring:

  • The primary Metric on the Leaderboard on which you based your Faceoff will be used to calculate the score.

  • Scores starts at 0-0 and increment each time a participant improves their value for the Metric during the Faceoff.

  • A Player's/Team's total points at the end of the Faceoff will be the net difference between their score at the beginning and their score at the end.

What happens if the score is tied at the end?

  • If the score is tied at the end of the original Faceoff period, the Faceoff will go into Sudden Death mode.

  • The first participant to score the next point will win the Faceoff!

  • Sudden death will end in a tie after an hour (for Faceoffs less than a day long) or after 24 hours (for Faceoffs 1-7 days long)

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