Dashboards (Hoopla)

Learn about all the different components of your Dashboard

The Dashboard is a personalized space in your Hoopla app, where you can find and follow metrics most important to you and your team, see how you are performing and check how you stack up against others on your team. To access your personalized Dashboard, go to the Dashboards tab at the very top of your screen in Hoopla. 

Your dashboard contains two types of cards:

  1. Leaderboard Cards show your ranking on a specific leaderboard, your two closest competitors (e.g. who is above/below you) and the values of all applicable Metrics. This card also displays Leaderboard insights and variables between your ranking and your competitors' rankings. 

  2. Metric Cards show your value on a specific metric, along with data comparing your current value to the previous value on that Metric. This is displayed as "Previously" and indicates the last time period (e.g. Yesterday for a Daily Metric or Last Week for a Weekly Metric). *If no time period has been set for the Metric, we will display the last updated value.

Your dashboard is made up of 2 sets of cards:

  • Priority and Starred Cards (where important cards are stored). If you are an Admin, click here to learn how to set up Priority Cards for your team(s).

  • Recommended Cards for You to Follow (where recommended cards are displayed)

In the set of Priority and Starred Cards, you’ll find cards that are of high priorities for you and your team. These cards are set up by admins and have a blue [PRIORITY] label on them (the highest one says [TOP PRIORITY] instead). Priority cards are always at the top of your dashboard so you’ll be able to see your performance on these cards right away once you log in.

Besides Priority Cards, you may also find cards that are recommended for you to follow in the Recommended section of your dashboard. These cards have a [TRENDING] label on the cards and are only temporarily displayed on your dashboard.

If you want to save a trending card, star it and it will automatically be saved to your set of Priority and Starred Cards.

You can pin any non-priority card to the top of the dashboard by clicking on the card’s pin icon. The pinned card remains at the top of your dashboard until it gets un-pinned or replaced by another card.

If you are an admin, you can view other player’s dashboard. Simply tug on the View As button at the top of your dashboard to change from your dashboard to another player’s dashboard.

In case you need a refresher, this guide is always available to you in your Dashboards tab under the Quick Tour button.

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