Team Admin (Hoopla)

If you are an Admin within Hoopla, you have the option to assign the Team Admin role to any of your Users. A Team Admin can manage their team's data and channel configurations, just like an Admin, but are prevented from authorizing integrations, adding or deleting users, and adding licenses. 

How do I assign the Team Admin Role?

  1. Navigate to the Users & Teams section within Configure.

  2. Select the User to whom you want to assign the Team Admin role.

  3. Under the Admin section, check the box that says Allow user to be an Admin, and select the Team Admin button. 

  4. Click Save.

What functionalities are off-limits for a Team Admin?

  1. Team Admins cannot authorize any Integrations, and cannot change any existing authorizations. Instead of an Oauth button, the Team Admin will see who the authorizing Admin is for that particular integration. Team admins will still be able to perform all other functions* within each integration, such as mapping Metrics and creating Newsflashes. (*the Salesforce integration has some additional limitations, see #2)

  2. Within the Salesforce Integration, Team Admins are not allowed to add a Master User report mapping nor change an existing Master User report mapping. 

  3. Within the Users section, Team Admins cannot add or delete users. They may, however, create a Team and add existing users to that Team.

  4. Team Admins are also prevented from adding User or Device licenses within the Settings page. 

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