Salesforce API credits (Hoopla)

Learn how to control the number of API credits used by Hoopla

How many API credits does Hoopla use?

For Metric Updates from reports:

  • Typically, Hoopla uses about 2 to 3 api calls per report run; once to start, and once to get the results from the report.

  • If it takes more than 1 minute, it will take another call, or more.

  • Later, when time ranges are established, Hoopla will make another call to get the user’s timezone, at most once per hour (cached).

How can I reduce the number of API calls used?

There are several ways to limit the number of API calls used by Hoopla each day. Since the API limit is a rolling 24 hour window, you can determine the hours each day that metrics are updated by going to the Salesforce integration section and changing the Report Synching settings. Pay attention to the timezone if your organization has offices in multiple timezones as this setting will effect everyone.

Another way to manage your API credits is by reducing the frequency of report updates. This is controlled in the settings for each report. Ask your Salesforce System Admin how many API credits you have to determine how often you can update Metrics. More frequent report runs will cost more in terms of API credits.

How do real time Streaming Newsflashes affect API credits?

Streaming Newsflashes count against your Salesforce Push Topic API limits which is different from the standard API credit limit. 

When a Newsflash is triggered, Hoopla usually makes 1 or 2 Push topic API calls to get the information you want to display about the event.

What are the factors to consider with Streaming Newsflashes?

Hoopla sets up a PushTopic using a specific PushTopic query for every streaming newsflash configured in the Salesforce Integration section. Once the PushTopic is set up, we are given a notification for every event (change that impacts the query) and the newsflash fires based on settings in Hoopla. Every configured Streaming Newsflash counts against your Salesforce Push Topic API limits which is different from the standard API credit limit.

We do not currently use Generic Events or Platform Events.

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