Google Slides to Web Page Step (Hoopla)

How to put a Google Slideshow into a Web Page Step

Putting Google Slides into a Web Page Step will allow you to update your presentation in Google Slides and the Channel will automatically reflect the changes. You do not need to have the Google Integration set up for this process. 

Hoopla Tip: Use your Google Slides to post things like Corporate Communications, such as birthdays & anniversaries, announcements, promotions, open positions, corporate values, and goals and progress.

Helpful Tip: What if your slides are in PowerPoint? No problem, you can just open a new "blank" Google Slides presentation and then go to File > Import Slides to select your PowerPoint. You can then follow the same steps below.

Step One: Publish your Google Slides

Once you have created your slideshow in Google Slides, you will need to publish your slides to get the web link:

  1.  Click File > Publish to the web. 

  2. Within the pop-up options box (see screenshot below), choose Embed. 

  3. Update the Auto-advance slide timing (if needed) and check both "Start slideshow as soon as the player loads" and "Restart the slideshow after the last slide". This will ensure the slides start immediately and, if your timing is off in your Web Page step, your slides will continue to play.

  4. Click Publish – this will create a link (shown below in #5).

   5. Only copy the URL portion within the quotations

Step 2: Add a Web Page Step to your Channel

  1. Within your Channel in Hoopla, drag over the Web Page tile. 

  2. Add a Title. 

  3. Paste the link that you copied from your Google Slides.

  4. Update the Duration based on the timing of your slideshow. For example, if you have 4 slides showing for 5 seconds each, you will want to change the duration to 20 seconds to ensure you see your whole slideshow (4 slides X 5 seconds = 20 second slideshow).

  5. Click Save (upper right-hand corner) or you can click Preview Step to test it first.

Helpful Tip: You can adjust the timing of your slides by just changing the end number in your copied link. E.g. If you had the default time of 3 seconds, it will show "3000" at the end of your link: If you want to change the time per slide, update the number in your link: 3000 means 3 seconds/slide, 5000 means 5 seconds/slide, and so on. 

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