Initiating a Race (Hoopla)

As a manager, you may want to infuse your team with some extra motivation to reach a specific milestone. One of the best ways to do that is with some friendly competition! If you have admin permissions in Hoopla, you have the ability to initiate a Race challenge, based on your existing Leaderboard configurations. Here's how!


How to Initiate a Race

  1. In the admin panel, go to Configure > Challenges > Race.

  2. Click Initiate on the top right-hand side of the screen.

  3. Give your Race a name. 

  4. Select which Leaderboard* will "host" the Race. The Race score will be calculated based on the primary ranking Metric of the Leaderboard you choose. In the Leaderboard dropdown, select between a “player” or “team” Leaderboard. The Leaderboard must contain at least two players or teams.

  5. Select the participants of this race. You may select all participants on the Leaderboard, or a select set of participants. 

  6. Set the Target Value for your Race. This value should be related to your primary Metric and determines the criteria for winning a Race (e.g. If your Metric is “Calls Today” and you want your team to make at least 100 calls, enter 100 as the Target Value)

  7. Set the Frequency of Race:

  If Single Race:


  • Set the Start Date and Time for your Race. Once the Race has started, all participants start at a zero value and we will calculate the score based on the primary Metric.

  • You can optionally set an End Date and Time for your Race. This will ensure that your Race ends, even if none of the participants reaches the defined Target Value.

  If Recurring Race**:


  • Select the Recurring Frequency - Daily, Weekly or Monthly 

Note: Daily races can take place over the span of two days, weekly races can only occur between Monday through Friday, and Monthly races only occur for an entire month (e.g. the first of the month to the last day of the month). 


  • Set the Time Zone for your Race

  • Choose whether you want the Race to recur indefinitely or end on a specific date.

   8. Select a winner song option.

9. Email notification

  • Opting into email notifications will notify the challenge participants when a Race is about to begin (up to 2 hours beforehand) and when a Race is complete (email will contain participant's final score and rank).

  • Email notifications are turned on by default - to opt out, simply uncheck the box.

 10. Click Save in the top right-hand corner.


*If this Leaderboard is part of your Channel Lineup, you'll see the Race announcement on TV!


** Recurring Races are denoted with a green repeat symbol 🔁 next to the Race in the list view. 


Delete or Edit a Race

Within Races, you will see a list of all Active and Scheduled Races. Toggle between All/Active/Future in the top right hand corner to narrow down your view.


To edit or cancel a particular Race, click into the Race challenge you wish to make changes to.


  • If this Race is scheduled for a future date/time, you may edit the Target Value, the start date/time, and the optional end date/time. Click Save.

  • If this Race is active, you may only edit the Target Value and the optional end date/time. Click Save.

  • You may cancel Active or Future Races by clicking the Cancel Race button.

  • There are three options for deleting a Recurring Race:

  1. Delete current Race only - this option will keep all future instances of your Recurring Race intact, and only delete the currently active Race.

  2. Delete future Races only - if you have an active Race running, this option will only cancel future instances of your Recurring Race.

  3. Delete current & future Races - this option will delete all active and future Races. 

What Race events are shown on TV?

If the host Leaderboard is included in your Channel Lineup, the following Race events will be broadcast on that Channel:


  • Race Start

  • Race Updates - Active race scores 

  • Race End - the winner will be announced, along with the final score


If two or more people reach the Target Value at the same time, the Race will go into Sudden Death. Whoever exceeds the Target Value first, wins the Race challenge! If no one breaks the tie after 24 hours, the Race will officially end in a tie.


Recurring Races - FAQs

Where can I view past results of a Recurring Race?


A: Within each Recurring Race’s details, we will display the the last 10 recurrences of the Race. 


What do the trophies on the winner list indicate?


A: Trophies indicate the winner of that specific recurrence. The number badge next to the trophy indicates the number of times a Player has won the Race. 


What happens when a new Recurring Race begins, but the target value on the previous occurrence hasn’t been met?


A: The two Races will run concurrently. Once the target value is met, both Races will be considered completed. 


Can I run a daily contest across the span of two days?


Yes, as long as the Race takes place within a 24-hour time period, a daily Recurring Race can start and end on two separate days (e.g. Daily Race starting at 1pm on Monday and ending at 10am on Tuesday).

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