Setting up Slack Notifications (Hoopla)

How to setup Slack notifications

To push Hoopla notifications into Slack, you will need to configure notifications within your Hoopla Channel. Simply turn on notifications within your Hoopla channel and select the Slack channel where you want to see those notifications. Watch the video or follow the steps below:

Steps to set up notifications:

Important: You must first authenticate the Slack integration before you are able to set up notifications.

  1. Navigate to Configure > Channels & TV > Channels and click on the Channel you wish to send notifications from.

  2. Under the Notifications section, check the box next to Slack (post updates to selected Slack channels).

  3. A popup box will appear, prompting you to set up Slack notifications.

  4. Select which Slack channel* should receive notifications. (*This includes ALL Slack channels in your organization, both private and public)

  5. Select which type of notifications you wish to send, Newsflashes, Challenges, Calendar Events and/or Leaderboards (with frequency for Leaderboards).

  6. You may configure notifications for multiple Slack channels. To do so, click the plus button next to “Enable additional Slack channels.”

  7. Once you’ve configured your Slack notifications, click the Done button at the bottom of the box.

  8. Finally, click Save at the top right-hand side of the Channel details page.

Don't forget to let your players and fans know about this integration. Here's a Player & Fan's Guide to get you started.

Setting up Slack notifications for private Slack Channels:

To set up notifications to go into a private Slack account, you'll need to add the Hoopla bot to that particular Slack channel.

  1. Go to the private Slack Channel you want to push notifications into.

  2. Click on the information icon ℹ️ on the top right hand of the Slack channel.

  3. You will then see a details panel on the side of your Slack window. Click on the "More (...)" button.

  4. Select "Add apps" from the dropdown window.

  5. Within the search box under "Add apps.." type in Hoopla.

  6. Click Add.

  7. When you navigate back into Hoopla, you'll now be able to select this channel for notifications.

Removing Slack notifications:

Go to the channel you want to remove notifications for.

To disable or edit Notifications for a single Slack Channel:

  • Click the "edit" button next to the Slack checkbox, and then click on the ( - ) button next to the notification you wish to remove.

  • Click update, and then click Save at the top of the page.

To remove all notifications:

  • Simply uncheck the box under Notifications.

  • Click Save at the top of the page.

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