Reusable Segments Best Practices (Hoopla)

Reusable Segments can be used in a variety of ways. Whether you’re updating multiple channels, pushing out corporate messages to your teams or you want to manage department specific content in a centralized location, Reusable Segments can save you time and effort!

For instructions on how to set up Reusable Segments, check out this article.

Broadcast Corporate Messaging Throughout Your Offices

Use Reusable Segments to manage corporate messaging across multiple channels. Create a segment containing any relevant corporate information such as company news, corporate goals or HR reminders. For companies displaying Hoopla in multiple offices, this is a great way to keep everyone in the loop!

Display Universal Metrics in Individual Department Channels

Easily display up to date company-wide KPI's across individual department channels. Not every team within your company tracks exactly the same KPI’s, but certain metrics are valuable to everyone, such as Total Revenue to Date or Goal Attainment. Create a Segment to track these important KPIs using Leaderboards & the Number Step, and drag that “KPI Segment” into each channel.

Curate & Manage Department Specific Content

Curate and manage department relevant info across all company channels. By giving department admins the ability to maintain department-specific content, you can reduce the burden on one Hoopla admin to create & manage all of the content you see on TV. For example, the Marketing team can manage slides like Twitter Mentions & Lead Conversion Rate in a Reusable Segment called Marketing. When that "Marketing Segment" is inserted into your lineup, anytime the Marketing team updates their slides, those updates are reflected on TV.

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